Bigger Than 4 Football Fields: Toyota Completes 242,000 Square Feet Solar Power Array

Toyota California Manufacturing Plant image

Toyota's Record-Breaking Solar Array
Toyota's new solar array on the roof of its North America Parts Center California (NAPCC) manufacturing plant is the biggest single-roof solar installation in North-America. At 242, 000 square feet, it will be hard to beat, in good part because not that many companies have that much roof.

Read on for more info on how much power it generates.How Much Power?
The array was built by SunPower using 10,417 solar modules. It should generate enough energy to meet 60% of the demand from the manufacturing plant. With a total capacity of 2.3 megawatts, the installation is capable of generating 3.7 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. It is expected to avoid about 6.4 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

SunPower Solar Panels photo

SunPower solar panels.

Toyota says:

NAPCC electricity costs per kilowatt-hour have increased 266 percent since 1992. Facility energy conservation efforts have reduced electricity usage by 28.5 percent during the past five years, but annual electricity use still remains over 5,788,000 kilowatt-hours.

The system was designed and built by SunPower, using its high-efficiency panels that deliver 50 percent more power per unit than conventional panels. A lightweight state-of-the-art SunPower mounting system further maximizes power delivery.

Via SunPower, Toyota
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