Best Renewables Project in the West - "Where's the Competition?" Ask Winners...

The UK-based renewable energy company Ecotricity recently won an award from the renewable energy agency for South West England for its development of three giant wind turbines at the industrial Avonmouth Docks site on the outskirts of Bristol (which we featured here). However, in typically activist fashion, rather than rest on their laurels the company took the opportunity to call on the region to step up its game when it comes to fighting climate change. This from their press release:

It’s nice to have awards but the question begging to be answered is this – is the South West doing anywhere near enough when it comes to renewables? Is Gloucestershire? One turbine per 11 years? Or Somerset? Yet to get its first wind turbine - although we have one in construction right now (on our site at Shooters Bottom). We think the answer is no. Fine words aren’t being matched by planning deeds.

For more views on the future of renewables in Britain, check out our interview with Ecotricity founder Dale Vince. :: Ecotricity::via site visit::

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