Bermuda Biodiesel Plans Commercial Used Vegetable Oil Fuel Plant: The Up Side of Obesity?

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It’s not too often when you see someone try to put a positive spin on rising obesity rates, but that’s just what Bermuda's Royal Gazette tries to do.

Over 400 Restaurants Could Supply Used Cooking Oil
The Bermuda Biodiesel Project is hoping to bring a commercial biodiesel plant online by February 2009, with used cooking oil as the feedstock. The initial goal is to produce 500,000 gallons of fuel from the over 400 restaurants on the island. Currently Bermuda Biodiesel is querying restaurants to see how much oil they could supply and how many trucks would be required to pick it up.
In order to sweeten the deal for restaurants, Bermuda Biodiesel plans to offer fuel to suppliers at just over the cost of manufacturing. Currently gasoline and diesel prices in Bermuda are slightly over $2/liter (nearly $8/gallon). By recycling cooking oil into biodiesel, it is hoped that the cost to consumers will be about two-thirds those prices.

Considering the small land area of Bermuda (21 square miles) means cultivating crops for biofuels is out, and the high cost of imported fuels already, utilizing cooking waste seems to make sense. But as production ramps up, I wonder what the island’s duopoly fuel retailers, Esso and Shell, will have to say about it?

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