Beluga Launches Sky Sail: Final Tests Before Market Entry Successful


Beulga group and Sky Sails are back in the news. TreeHuggers have followed the story of Sky Sails since they won an Eco-Tech award at the World Expo in Aichi, Japan and Beluga signed a contract for the novel fuel-saving concept. And thanks to the sharp eyes of Linton at Hugg, we can bring you a great picture of the sail being launched in rough seas. Ultimately, the kite will float 100 to 300 meters above the ship, towing it gracefully and efficiently. After a series of tests involving smaller sails, the MS Beaufort has now launched the targeted full scale sail with an area of 160 m2. In addition to proving out the sail technology in a range of sizes and on vessels of various type and weight, this year has been critical to developing training programs for the captains of ships which will use the Sky Sails hybrid power technology. Sky Sails envisions seas canvassed by fishing trawlers, cargo ships and super-yachts sporting the right kite for the occasion. The first commercial voyage under Sky Sail power is scheduled for 2007, on a new cargo ship to be put in service by Beluga. After the pilot program proves successful, commercial marketing of the Sky Sails is foreseen for 2008.

Via ::Hugg and ::Sky Sails.

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