Beekman Boys Install The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine You'll Want To Get For Your Home

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photo: Windspire Energy

I'll be bluntly honest: I don't think most backyard wind turbines, still less rooftop wind turbines, are worth the money in most situations. But there are a couple which are really pretty good. Which is where the Windspire and where Planet Green's Beekman Boys come in.

On their farm in upstate New York they've decided to install one these vertical axis wind turbines as part of their efforts to build one of the greenest small farms in the US. Check out the description of the Windpsire from the Beekman1802 website:

The standard Windspire is 30-feet tall and 4-feet wide, designed to come in under the typical 35-foot height restrictions of local municipalities (many small towns, including Sharon Springs, are just now creating laws and regulations for the use of windpower). Due to the vertical axis design, sound levels were tested at 6 decibels above ambient, rendering it virtually inaudible and the 1.2kW Windspire installed at the farm will produce approximately 2000 kilowatt hours per year in 11 mph average wind which will cover a lot of the electricity needed to run the milking operation during peak season.

And this video (which is a bit over the top self-promotional cheesy in the voice-over, but gives you a good look at the turbines):

WATCH MORE: Installation of the Beekman's Windspire will air on March 29th, 10pm on Planet Green in the episode "A Martha Makeover"

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