Baseball Stadium Goes Nuclear


In Ontario, one cannot go to an event that calls itself any shade of green without seeing the signs "Powered by Bullfrog", the fabulously popular wind and hydro power service. Bullfrog invented sexy branded electricity and other suppliers must be green with envy. Now Bruce Power, the recently privatized nuclear plant, has inked a deal with Ted Rogers, owner of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rogers Centre, to plaster the joint with "Power supplied by Bruce Power". This is appropriate because when the roof is closed, it rather looks like a containment vessel. Some environmentalists are appalled- "Bruce wants to portray itself as a big cuddly bear" said one, and it is unfortunate that this was announced on the same day that the Auditor General denounced the sale of the Bruce as too expensive and that the rates were too high.

A recent study looking for nuclear waste storage sites suggested that the sedimentary soil beneath Toronto and surrounds was very stable and suitable for long term storage. We understand that Ted has also made a deal to store the waste from the Bruce plant under the pitchers mound. ::Tyler Hamilton in the Star

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