Bad PR Week in Fort McMoney


It has not been a good week for the flacks in Calgary who stomp on little old ladies to keep the lid on news about Canada's environmental embarrassment, the Alberta tar sands.In Sydney, Australia, they call it " black gold with a black heart." In New York City, the Times headline reads "Study Finds Carcinogens in Water Near Alberta Oil Sands Projects.", about how the Athabasca River is poisoning the native people downstream at Fort Chipewyan. To top it all off, it gets the full Kolbert in the New Yorker, who describes the wild growth of this industry that has turned an area the size of Florida into a close approximation of Mordor: "For every barrel of synthetic crude that Suncor eventually produces, forty-five hundred pounds of tar sands have to be dug up and separated....It’s estimated that by 2012 tar-sands operations will consume two billion cubic feet of natural gas a day, more than every house in Canada."

Read TreeHugger on how The Tar Sands are eating our dinner , they are Stupid to the Last Drop, and Andrew Nkiforuk on Canada's Highway to Hell

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