Baby you can drive my cow pattie powered car

Notwithstanding our reservations about the hydrogen economy and our previous posts about poo power, It seems that a Minnesota dairy farm run by the Hubenschild family has been making biogas (methane, carbon dioxide and water vapour) by feeding cow manure into an anaerobic digester. Now they have converted the biogas to hydrogen and fed it into a hydrogen fuel cell and are producing electricity.(this is one high-tech farm).

Prior to the installation of the fuel cell, the Haubenschilds pumped the biogas straight into an engine connected to a generator, selling 2/3 of it to a cooperative and serving 78 homes.

"In farming, you have to work with Mother Nature," Haubenschild said. "If you're not an environmentalist, you're not going to be successful." ::Futurewire by [LA]