Axiom To Supply Recycling Giant, Visy, with Biodiesel


Yonks ago we reported on the amazing and enterprising alchemy of converting plastic waste into diesel fuel. A year later we noted that Europe wanted a piece of the action too. Now, in seemingly unrelated news, it was announced, last month, that one of Australia's largest recycling businesses, Visy, will run some of their truck fleet on biodiesel, refined from waste cooking oil by Axiom. "Axiom Energy managing director Danny Goldman said the company was proud to collaborate with a company such as Visy, which he described as a national and international icon for environmental leadership." As he might, considering there is a strong business connection between the two. Axiom is looking to establish two plants to extract low sulphur diesel from waste plastics. As supplied by Visy. If all goes to plan Axiom will roll out another 13 such plants over the next five years. By end of 2007, they figure on producing 70 million litres (18.5 million gallons) of biodiesel and 11.7 million litres (3 million gallons) of low-sulphur diesel from the waste plastic process. Axiom, via the BRBA.