Austroflamm Wood Stoves with Heat Memory


Now that we are running out of sawdust for pellets, We will have to go back to sustainably harvesting firewood from the back forty and getting a decent, efficient wood stove to burn it. The new Austroflamms are interesting because they put a big load of "very heavy material which can absorb warmth especially well and releases it for a long period of time. this material is of course patented."

The system offers fast heat (common in wood stoves but missing in soapstone type high thermal mass stoves) but also up to 15 hours of heat release from 20 pounds of wood with extra Heat Memory Material added.


All the design sites are showing the new Vogue model right now but it looks a little too much like a space helmet to me. Of course none are available in North America, where people want stoves that look like leftovers from Grandma's cabin in the Ozarks and don't cost five thousand dollars. ::Austroflamm via ::Trendir and ::Future Technology

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