Australian Football Kicks a Goal for Carbon Offsets


Our post yesterday about the call for football to influence it's dedicated cadre of supporters by going green reminded me I'd been remiss. Back in September the Australian Football League (AFL) announced a partnership with Origin Energy to 'neutralise' its carbon emissions of about 120,000 tonnes. This is a three year program to offset the operations of not only AFL's headquarters but also the pre-season, premiership and finals matches. "This includes the energy it takes to do the lighting for the games and the gas that is used to heat the pies," according to the energy company. It's been calculated that all up this will be equal to getting 25,000 cars off the road or planting 500,000 trees. Origin Energy say they'll achieve this through investment in wind and solar, energy efficiency and tree planting. The AFL's CEO Andrew Demetriou reckons they will "... be the first sporting league in Australia to reduce its carbon footprint to zero," suggesting that by 2009 they'll be carbon neutral. ::AFL Green, via various sources including SMH.

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