Ausra Opens First US Solar Thermal Power Plant in Bakersfield, California

ausra kimberlina solar thermal power plant bakersfield california

photo: Ausra

The Kimberlina solar thermal power plant, located near Bakersfield, California and the first solar thermal plant built in the state in some 20 years, opened yesterday. Although only 5 megawatts in size, its developer Ausra is understandably pleased to be operating its first solar thermal power plant in the United States. Regarding the plant opening, Ausra’s CEO Robert Fishman had this to say,

This plant proves that our technology is real, it works, and it’s ready to power businesses or provide process steam for industries now.

177 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant Up Next
Ausra will now turn to building a larger version of the Kimberlina plant: the 177 MW Carrizo Plains project in San Louis Obispo, California. This plant is scheduled to come online in 2011 and will be supplying electricity to Pacific Gas & Electric.

Solar Thermal Could Supply 90% of US Demand: Ausra
Though not as publically well known as solar photovoltaics, according to Ausra solar thermal has the potential to meet more than 90% of US electric demand.

via: Cleantech and Greentech Media
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