ASU Buys Green Energy for Homecoming Game, Continues Commitment to Clean Tech

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While clean tech naysayers and pessimists have been raising their voices of late, forward thinking individuals, companies and institutions continue to beat a path toward a new industrial revolution. ASU appears to be taking a leadership position in that regard. Having already announced that it will cover its parking lot with a 2MW solar parasol, Market Watch reports that the university is also buying enough green energy from Arizona Public Service to power its homecoming football game with Colorado this Saturday, as well as all remaining home games in the season. But it's not just about generating electricity. It's about spreading the word too:

Leading up to the game, APS and ASU will tweet information about solar energy at @APSNewsCenter and @SparkyArizonaSt. On game day, an APS booth near Wells Fargo Arena will provide an interactive educational experience where fans can answer questions about solar energy in the hopes of winning Sun Devil merchandise. During the game, the video board and the stadium's LED ring will periodically run solar facts and tips highlighting how ASU, with APS's help, has developed the most onsite solar energy capacity of any single university in the nation.

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