Are you a scientist focused on scaling up renewables/storage? The Bright Minds Challenge needs you

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There's little doubt that we need to make a rapid shift toward a 100% low carbon future. And given the incredible progress that's been made on everything from offshore wind to low cost solar, it's looking increasingly likely that we can get there. Elon's big announcement already has suburbanites drooling over energy independence.

But can we get there fast enough?

The Bright Minds Challenge is aiming to speed up that transition. Initiated by technology company DSM, and supported by Accenture; Greentown Labs; Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford; Solarcentury; SolarAid and Sungevity, the challenge is asking members of the public to help spread the word and locate solutions that are ready to scale. Here's how it works:

Members of the public are encouraged to get involved by spreading the message to help find the scientists with solutions, and then to share their submissions and vote for the most promising ones. After a public vote to determine the top 10, a panel of experts will then shortlist the top three and select the winner. The top three solutions will all receive commercial, technical and mentoring support, with the winner getting 500 hours of tailored help to fast-forward their solution. All entrants will receive valuable exposure for their projects.

According to the promotional video, the support for each of the three top solutions is valued at $100,000 each—a significant figure in the world of bootstrapping scientists and start ups. If you think you might have solutions-focused scientists in your networks, help get the word out by tweeting on #BrightMindsChallenge, show folks the video below, and encourage them to submit their ideas to The Bright Minds Challenge. We could do with having all the tools in our tool box that we can find...

Are you a scientist focused on scaling up renewables/storage? The Bright Minds Challenge needs you
C'mon, we can't expect Elon Musk to do it all alone. And there's $100,000 worth of prizes for you if you win.

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