Architects of Spin

We have had many posts on the aesthetics of wind turbines, we even ran a photo contest on it. Now, the big guns are getting in on it- Design firms like Britain's Grimshaw Architects are developing new turbines that are elegant and inspiring. Others are working to integrate turbines into their architecture. Guy Battle, consultant to the World Trade Centre before the turbines were stripped out, says: "Traditional buildings have been a drain on infrastructure - water, electricity, waste disposal, etc," says Battle. "Really we should be working towards something like an occupied infrastructure, just like windmills were once occupied. It's a paradigm shift in how we see buildings, and it means that architects are going to have to rethink their aesthetic. It's no longer about just responding to cultural and social urban factors. It's a whole different layer of architecture coming through that will begin to change the face of our cities." read ::the Guardian via PSFK