Applied Materials Outdoing Google's Solar Project


TreeHugger has reported several times on the Googleplex's alternative energy dreams. Those dreams have become a reality with a 1.6 megawatt solar installation that is larger than any other private solar installation in the world. Well, in true silicon valley spirit, Applied Materials is going a few hundred kilowatts further, and working on a 1.9 megawatt solar installation for their California campus.

Though the Google installation was originally planned to be 1.9 megawatts, and the Applied Materials installation has not yet begun, we're excited to see the spirit of corporate dominance applying to solar panels. Applied Materials, however, has an additional incentive...they make the solar panels they'll be installing. CEO Mike Splinter said, "As we pursue our strategy to significantly drive down the overall solar cost-per-watt, we feel it is important to lead through example."

We're looking forward to seeing their dedication pay off. Applied Materials better hurry up, though. By the time their project is finished, Google could already be adding on to their own. Plus, if Wal-Mart carries through with it's plans, there won't be enough roof space in all of Silicon Valley to catch up.

::Inside Greentech ::EcoGeek

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