And I Even Like the Color: SolarSave Building Integrated Solar PV Tiles Blend in With Your Existing Roof

Available in a variety of colors, SolarSave roof tiles are designed to blend into a home's roof. While not exactly seamless with the other roof tiles, from an aesthetic perspective, these are certainly an improvement over traditional solar panels. Photo: Open Energy

One trend which seems to be gaining momentum in residential solar photovoltaics which I'm glad to see happening is the integration of solar panels with roofing tiles. A number of exhibitors were showcasing their systems, Open Energy being one of them. The specific product they were announcing is a new 47" wide, 48-watt SolarSave PV tile. This is what they're all about:Aesthetic Concerns Important for Homeowners
David Field, president of Open Energy, touted the benefits of the SolarSave panels:

In order for homeowners to embrace solar energy they need to be sure that the system will not detract from their single biggest investment, their home. With the Open Energy SolarSave PV Tiles, we are giving homeowners a functional and aesthetically-pleasing option that is cost-effective and easy to install which overcomes virtually all of the obstacles a homeowner may have to installing a solar system.

SolarSave Technical Specs
These new solar roofing tiles are designed to integrate with both flat and S-tile roofing systems; are available in slate grey, brown and terracotta colors; have a load capability of 200lbs per square foot (they can be walked upon by "qualified roofing personnel"); are wind rated to 80mph with standard installation and to high ratings with site-specific engineering. The tiles are warranteed for 10 years at 90% of power output and 25 years for 80% of power output.

More at: Open Energy.

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