An Eventful Week in Australian Climate Change Debate


We've run a couple of posts recently on Australian GreenPower and how to choose it. Our Prime Minister thinks we are barking up up the wrong tree, however. This week, in Parliament, he had this to say: "Let me say to the climate change purists or the climate change fanatics on the other side: the cleanest and greenest energy source of all is the one you won't look at and that's nuclear power." And he has even promised the Government would release a discussion paper on carbon trading. So, although many are sceptical of the PM's sudden interest in global warming, at least the issues are getting airtime, as they should. Particularly given that the New South Wales Government recently released a report they'd commissioned from CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). It suggested that the state, and Sydney specifically, should expect significant localised climate change, "temperature rises of up to five degrees, and a decrease in rainfall of up to 40 per cent, over the next 70 years." So with gloom and doom having its day in the sun, it was pleasing to see a brighter news story coming out of South Australia. That state has been challenged by its Premier to have 20% of their power coming from renewable energy by 2008. The Local Government Authority was therefore delighted to announce that more than half all SA councils on the grid were already getting a fifth of their electricity from the likes of windpower. When they get all councils signed up, they figure it will be equal to taking nearly 5,000 cars off the road.

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