Acciona Energia to Build Two 50-Megawatt Solar Thermal Power Plants in Spain

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Spain to get more Solar Power
It was only a couple months ago that we wrote about Torresol's plans to build 3 new solar thermal power plants in Spain (price tag: $1.24 Billion). The good news keep rolling in and now it is Acciona Energia's turn to announce a 500 million euros investment (about $775 million) into 2 new solar thermal plants in Palma del Río, Cordoba, in southern Spain. Each will have a capacity of 50 megawatts and together they should be able to power 75,000 homes, or 244 million kWh a year. They should be operational in 2010.

"The plants will cover the area of about 260 hectares, or 364 soccer fields, comprising 1,520 solar collectors and a truly mind boggling 364,800 mirrors which will focus the sun’s rays into the collectors. "

Solar Thermal Power image

Acciona Energia's Track Record with Renewable Energy
The first picture in this post is a photo of Nevada Solar One, the first concentrating solar power plant in the US, also built by Acciona Energia. The company is a heavyweight when it comes to renewable energy in general, not just with solar: "They are the world leader in wind power, totalling 5,300MW in 192 separate wind parks," and they also work with biomass, mini hydro, biofuels, cogeneration, etc. You can find out more about their environmental activities here.

Solar Power Around the Clock or just During Peaks?
It is not yet clear if Acciona Energia's solar power plants in Spain will use technology similar to Ausra's solar thermal system to produce power around the clock or if they will just help with peak power during the day (the more sun there is, the more demand for air conditioning there is, and the more a solar power plant produces, so that's good timing).

Solar Thermal Power
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