A year Ago in TreeHugger: The Beauty of Windfarms

A year ago we quoted David Suzuki on the beauty of windfarms: "From my porch on a good day you can see clear across the waters of Georgia Strait to the snowy peaks of the rugged Coast Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful views I have seen. And I would gladly share it with a wind farm." and " a blanket "not in my backyard" approach is hypocritical and counterproductive" He also noted that "in the US, the Cape Wind Project, which would site 130 wind turbines off the coast of affluent Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has come under fire from famous liberals, including Senator Edward Kennedy and Walter Cronkite." Well it took a year but they finally managed to kill the Cape Wind project this week- one would think that another year into this crisis, attitudes might have changed for the better but NIMBY lives. ::David Suzuki is worth re-reading.