A Roof is a Terrible Thing to Waste: 650 KiloWatt Solar Array Completed in Hawthorne, California

lithographix solar panels roof photo

Lithographix, Thinksolar, and Pacific Solar Energy
There are many green things you can do with a giant commercial building's roof. From painting it white to reflect the sun's rays, to building a green roof, to installing a solar array to generate electricity. Lithographix, a printing company, went for this last option and now has the first commercial solar array in Hawthorne, California.

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lithographix solar panels roof photo

Technical Details
The array isn't as large as, for example, the 2.3 megawatts solar array on Toyota's NAPCC plant (it's bigger than 4 football fields), but it is big as you can see from the aerial photos (about the same size as the solar array on Sacramento's hospital).

It has a capacity of 650kW and is expected to provide Lithographix with about 30% of its energy needs. The solar panels are Schott ASE300s, selected for "durability and double glass encapsulation." The inverters are made by Solectria.

ThinkSolar, in cooperation with solar contractor Pacific Solar Energy, installed the array, apparently "on time and on budget."

Lithographix President Herb Zebrack remarked, "We are very pleased with the efficient installation, impressive results and our decision to go solar."

More companies with big commercial buildings in sunny parts of the world should follow suit. The initial capital investment is big, but after that, the sun's free.

Via ThinkSolar, including photos

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