A Hybrid Coal-Wind Project That Works

wind turbines centralia columbia county pennsylvania photo

Wind turbines on a ridge near Centralia, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, "a town that lived and died by coal production." Image: Reading Eagle.

The best coal mine is a closed coal mine. And a closed coal mine is a great mine if there are trees and a wind farm up top. A State that makes it's own wind turbine equipment to top off its abandoned mines and surrounding ridges brings jobs to replace the anthracite life and delivers wind power to the people. Look below for an example.

Settlers came to this Columbia County borough to mine its coal. Decades later, residents were forced out as a mine fire consumed the land beneath the community...Now, a new form of energy development has sprung up near the ghost town. On the ridge above this shattered community, a series of long, sleek, modern-looking turbines disappear into the horizon.
Via:Reading EagleRenewable energy push signals winds of change

What kind of wind-coal hybrid does not work?

See "Mythical Hybrid Beast To Battle Climate Change" for the answer.

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