A Bit More Tarnish on the Stirling (Engine)

eurodish stirling engine photo23446

Eurodish stirling engine based CSP. Image credit:public domain.

A few weeks back I mentioned that concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies which are relatively capital and water intensive - Stirling engines, for example - are now competitively threatened by falling prices of solar photovoltaic systems. See Bird's Eye Lowdown On The Future Of Solar Power.

In context of the budget shortfalls across the USA, it's good news that a cheaper renewable energy tech is winning. More anecdotal evidence of this trend has emerged with the GreenTechSolar published story: Tessera / Stirling Sell Their Other Major Dish Project To A PV Developer.Not that I wish any bad on the Stirling engine. In fact, I'd like to know if a hidden trade-off is outsourcing the panel manufacturing to China - as well as the supporting steel mounts and bedding and coatings. That said, a gallon of water consumed in the USA is still a US gallon.

Anyhow, the trend is on. PV is going to kick butt. Solar panels don't collapse on miners. This tech will eventually work in Appalachia...you'll see.

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