92% of Americans Want Solar Power... Now!

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photo: Schott Solar

This may seem a bit obvious if you live in what sometimes seems like the green bubble, but a new survey by Kelton Research, done at the behest of Schott Solar and the Solar Energy Industry Association, shows that 92% of US citizens think it's important that the nation develop and use solar power. What's interesting is that strong support spanned political affiliation, as well as beat out other sources of energy seen as worthy of government support: In terms of political party, 94% of Democrats, 93% of Independents, and 89% of Republicans supported more solar power. Furthermore, 77% of respondents thought that the federal government should make support for solar power a "major priority".

People Want Solar, But Few Have It
If you're considering solar power for your home, there's a good chance one of your neighbors is as well -- 49% of people surveyed said they were considering solar power for their home or business, with 70% saying they would install solar power within the next five years. That said only 3% of respondents had already have solar power.

Support for Solar Beats Other Energy Sources
Here's one part of the survey that really caught my eye: When asked if they were president and could choose one form of energy to give federal support to 43% thought solar was the best bet. Wind power came in second, with 17% support; natural gas was third (12%), nuclear power fourth (10%), and coal fifth (2%) .

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