900 Megawatts of Biomass Power to Be Built by UK's Drax Group

wood pile for biomass power photo

photo: Drax Group
Drax Group, the owner of the eponymous 4,000 MW coal-eating behemoth power plant in North Yorkshire, England has announced that it will be partnering with Siemens to do something other than spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Wait, that was a bit harsh...

Drax Group and Siemens say that they will be building three 300 MW biomass power plants in the UK over the next couple of years. The plants will be powered by energy crops and agricultural waste from the UK, and are expected to supply about 15% of the UK’s renewable electricity by the time the all come online. That’s still a ways off though:Construction to Begin in 2010
Construction contracts and financing have yet to be finalized, though Drax says this will take place over the next 12-18 months. After that, the first of the plants, at Immingham in North Lincolnshire, is expected to begin construction in 2010, and to be fully operational in 2014. Details of when the second plant in Hull, and the third plant at a site to be determined, are expected to begin construction have not be disclosed.

The total cost for these projects is around £2 billion, with ownership of the plants split 60/40 between Drax and Siemens. Drax will manage and operate all of the plants.

Protesters Plague Drax
The aforementioned coal-fired Drax power plant (dubbed ‘Drax the Destroyer’ in the past) has been targeted by protesters on a number of occasions. Back in June, a coal train headed to the plant was hijacked by climate protesters for a number of hours, until the activists were removed by police.

via: Drax Group and Cleantech
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