850 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant Seeks California State Approval

stirling energy suncatcher photo

photo: Stirling Energy Systems

Poor economy or not, there are still a number of large scale renewable energy projects in the works. One such project seeking regulatory approval is the 850 MW Solar One power plant, to be built by Stirling Energy Systems in the Mojave Desert, 37 miles east of Barstow, California.

The project application has been submitted to the California Energy Commission and should it be approved, this is what Stirling will be building:Two Phases, Construction to Start 2010
Built in two stages, the 850 MW Solar One project will occupy about 8,230 acres and consist of about 30,000 solar thermal collectors (called SunCatchers by Stirling). Construction should start in 2010 and take 40 months to complete. The first phase of the project will be 500 MW in capacity, with an additional 350 MW to be completed at a later date. All of the power output of the facility will be sold to Southern California Edison under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

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