600,000 Square Foot Solar Power Rooftop Completed by Southern California Edison

solar roof installation photo

photo: SCE

You may not like big box buildings from an aesthetic perspective--I hate to say it but I’d prefer a whole city of Brutalist concrete architecture over a bunch of steel framed big boxes--but they sure do have a lot of roof surface area suitable for solar power.

Southern California Edison is taking advantage of that and is installing 150 rooftops with solar panels, the first of which have just been completed. Eventually the project will cover two square miles of roof space with solar panels, for a combined peak capacity of 250 megawatts. Here’s more on SCE’s solar rooftop plans:Next Up: 458,000 Square Foot Chino Building
The first site was a 600,000 square foot Fontana, California distribution warehouse roof, which has been covered with 33,700 thin-film solar panels. The next site will be a 458,000 square foot building in Chino, California owned by Multi-Employer Property Trust. First Solar was chosen as installer for both these projects; the installer for future projects has not yet been determined.

More: Southern California Edison (press release)

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