53 MW Thin-Film Solar Power Plant Now Germany's Largest

lieberose solar park photo

photo: juwi Group

Thin-film solar power plants are definitely becoming more common and larger in size. A year ago the world's largest thin-film power plant was just 10 megawatts. Now one near Cottbus, Germany comes in at 53 megawatts, Renewable Energy World reports:The Lieberose solar park is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Developed by juwi Group and First Solar, it will occupy 162 hectares on a former Soviet army site and will consist of some 700,000 thin-film solar modules.

In addition to the solar power itself, the power plant will generate funds to pay for the environmental restoration of the site, including soil contaminated by munitions.

More: Solarpark Lieberose (in German)

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