5.05 Gigawatt Titan Wind Project is... Titanesque!

Wind Turbine Rotors on Ground photo

"World's Biggest Wind Farm"
It seems like "the world's biggest wind farm" gets announced every other month these days. The one on everyone's radar is T. Boone Picken's 4 gigawatt Texas monster, scheduled to be completed in 2014. Now the new contender for the title is a joint venture in South-Dakota between BP Alternative Energy and Clipper.

Over Two Thousand Wind Turbines
2,020 Clipper Liberty wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.5 megawatt, will add up to a total of more than 5 gigawatt of clean energy production capacity. Too bad they aren't using Enercon E126 Turbines (rated at 6 megawatt per unit)...

Clipper Wind Turbine image

Powering 1.5 Million Homes
James GP Dehlsen, Clipper's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are pleased to be moving forward with this milestone development which will provide clean, renewable, and home grown power for approximately 1.5 million average American homes and offset nearly 24 billion pounds of carbon dioxide that would have otherwise been released into our atmosphere if produced by traditional means [according to the national energy mix]."

But to take advantage to the full of wind power, the US will have to eventually upgrade its creaky power grid. Bit projects like this will certainly help put pressure on that front.

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