50 Things You Can Blame on High Oil Prices

blame oil prices photo

Everybody's gotta have someone to blame and you can't always blame Canada, so The Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of 50 things you can blame on the high price of oil. Some of the interesting ones:

3. Some schools are considering route changes that would create longer walks to the bus stop, raising safety concerns. (The Gazette, Maryland)

8. Kangaroo harvesters are seeking alternative careers. (Australian Broadcasting Corp.)

19. Golf-cart regulation becomes a subject of debate in Indiana. (UPI)

34. Japan girds for a sashimi shortage. (AFP)

38. Yes, we have no cheap bananas today. (WSJ)

50. Indie music fans are out of luck due to some bands canceling tours and staying home. (AP)

Catch them all at the ::Wall Street Journal They asked for contributions from readers in comments, as do we.