5 Million Bangladeshis Served By Solar Panels - MIllions More Coming

solar panel bangladesh photo

"Solar panel provided by Grameen Shaktri to rural Bangladesh." Image credit:Flickr, Marufish

The evWind blog has published news that the Infrastructure Development Company has increased to 993,000 the number of Bangladeshi residential solar units that they have helped fund. That brings the total number of persons served with residential solar units in the nation to around 5 million, it is estimated. The next IDC target is 2.5 million homes solar-served by 2014. By absolute number, that's got to be more solar installs than will exist in the US. More....
The IDC is, of course, Bangladesh government sponsored. By all appearances, then, Bangladesh's government could have a higher performing renewable energy program than the US. Add this to China's renewable energy program growth rate and you can kinda see, by comparison with Asia, where things are headed back here in the USA - into the Ayn Rand Memorial Dumper.

A view of the Republican-led "objectivist" future for the USA can be had by checking out the latest propaganda from the Carbon Gang. It is called "I am coal, the power of now."

In the United States (and around the world, too), coal - the power of now - means jobs and a better life. Amazingly, radical environmentalists and the EPA are trying to kill this important industry. Join the Common Sense Movement today - join us in saying "I Am Coal""

Repeat after me..."I Am Coal." Doesn't that feel better now?