48 Megawatt Solar Power Plant Expansion in Nevada Will Be (Maybe) Nation's Largest

first solar power plant photo

photo: First Solar

Some good news coming from the solar power sector: First Solar has announced that it will be building onto an existing Boulder City, Nevada solar power plant to transform it into what it claims will be the largest solar PV plant in North America:The 48 MW expansion will be built adjacent to Sempra Generation's El Dorado energy plant. This expansion has been dubbed the Copper Mountain Solar plant and will consist of nearly a million PV panels. Construction will begin later this year.

The whole thing is contingent upon Sempra Generation signing a power purchase agreement with a utility customer for the electricity the power plant with make.

They Had Better Build Quick To Claim 'Largest' Crown
Though First Solar asserts that this will be the largest solar PV plant in the country, Florida Power & Light is planning a 75 MW solar power plant in conjunction the'may not happen and even if it does isn't quite that green' Babcock Ranch eco-city in southwest Florida. Even if the 'city' never gets built, FPL says the power plant is happening anyway. So, First Solar will have to get the Boulder City expansion up quickly if it really wants to claim the nation's largest crown for a bit.

via: First Solar, AP/Yahoo News
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