4 Gigawatt Swedish Wind Farm Receives Local Approval

wind turbine against the sky photo

photo: Ian Munroe via flickr

Here's a seriously gigantic renewable energy project that's moving forward, despite hard economic times: What could well turn out to be Europe's largest wind farm has won approval from regional authorities in Norrbotten, Sweden. Should the Swedish government also grant approval (which could take up to 12 months), construction on the $6.9 billion project could start in two and a half years, and be completed in ten:Located in Taveljso, in the municipality of Piteå, the project site is 175 square miles in size and would contain 1,101 wind turbines. Total capacity of the project would be 4 GW, and the project's developer Markbygden Vind AB estimates that it could produce 8-12 Terrawatt-hours of electricity annually.

via: AFP/Google News
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