300 MW Wind Farm Will Supply 30% of Kenya's Electric Demand

lake turkana photo

Located near Lake Turkana, initial electric production could begin in three years. Photo: Wikipedia

In any nation a wind farm of this size is worth announcing, but when it's going to be built in Africa it's doubly worth announcing. Lake Turkana Wind Power has announced plans to develop a 300 MW wind farm on 150,000 acres of land in northwest Kenya near, appropriately enough, Lake Turkana. Here are the rest of the details:30% of Funding Coming from African Development Bank
Planned to be built in stages, with each of the project’s 360 turbines coming online as it is installed, the wind farm will start initial production in June 2011 and reach full capacity in 2012. Total costs for the project are expected to be about $760 million, 30% of which will be financed by the African Development Bank.

Though the plan is to stop at 300 MW, a company spokesperson indicated that the possibility of expanding it once sufficient transmission capacity is in place is being investigated.

Currently Kenya has an installed electric capacity of about 1,200 MW, with demand being just below that and growing at 8% per year.

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via: ENN
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