25% Efficiency: SolFocus Introduces New Concentrating Solar PV Product

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photo: SolFocus

While its previous concentrating solar PV products convert about 18% of the light hitting them into electricity, the new SolFocus 1100S can achieve a panel efficiency of 25%. Intended for use in medium to utility-scale installations, the panels will be used by Spain's EMPE Solar in the recently announced 10 MW ‘world’s largest’ CPV project, expected to be completed in 2010.

Here’s how SolFocus touts the 1100S:Reflectors Concentrate Sunlight 500 Times

The SolFocus 1100S system combines high-efficiency solar cells (approaching 40%) and advanced optics to provide energy solutions which are scalable, dependable and capable of delivering on the promise of low-cost, clean, renewable energy. The company’s CPV design employs a system of reflective optics to concentrate sunlight 500 times onto small, highly efficient solar cells. The SolFocus 1100S uses approximately 1/1,000th of the active, expensive solar cell material compared to traditional photovoltaic panels. In addition, the cells used in SolFocus CPV systems are over twice as efficient as traditional silicon cells, accelerating the trajectory for solar energy to reach cost parity with fossil fuels. SolFocus integrates its CPV panels with its advanced tracking system that continuously aligns the solar array with direct sunlight throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. The tracking technology has been developed specifically for integration with SolFocus’ 1100S panels, providing a highly integrated and performance-optimized system. The tracking capability of the SolFocus 1100S results in energy generation ideally matched to peak demand periods.

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