$2.1 Million Given to UCLA Professor for On-Campus Hydrogen Fueling Station

ucla campus photo

photo: Gene Lee via flickr

The oft-touted hydrogen economy may still be a bit over the horizon, but a new $2.1 million grant given to UCLA professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering Vasilios Manousiouthakis will give the university and the general public a glimpse of things possibly to come:140 Kilograms of Hydrogen Per Day
The grant ($1.7 million of which came from the California Air Resources Board and the balance from Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee) will go toward the construction of a hydrogen fueling station with a daily capacity of 140 kilograms of hydrogen.

The station will be run by UCLA Engineering's Hydrogen Energy Research Consortium and will be open to the general public.

Touting the potential of the project, Prof Manousiouthakis said,

With this station, we aim to show that methane reforming-based stations essentially provide an answer to the question of hydrogen infrastructure. The proposed fueling station will demonstrate that we can effectively utilize the existing natural gas infrastructure to deliver hydrogen on-site. We won't have to build new pipelines for hydrogen.

There are currently 27 hydrogen fueling stations in California, with 17 in various stages of planning.

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