2000 Megawatt Wyoming Wind Farm to Produce Power for Southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona

wind turbines in wyoming photo

photo by Cory Grunkemeyer

Though it is earlier in the development process than yesterday’s announced 909 MW Oregon wind farm—which, yes, is smaller than T. Boone Pickens’ 4000 MW behemoth, but since it’s farther along the road to actually being built can claim the world record at the moment—a new massive wind project proposal may be bringing more clean energy to Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona.
Wind Power Plus Transmission Capacity to be Built
The 2000 MW wind farm is planned to be built on Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz’ south-central Wyoming ranch, and now that the Anschutz Corp. has acquired rights to build the transmission lines—3000 MW, 900 miles and $3 billion worth of transmission lines—that power can be brought from a place where it is more easily generated to places with greater demand.

The project is far from a done deal however. Local and Federal permitting, including an environmental impact statement, must be completed, a process which developers are expecting to take 24-36 months to complete. No word on how long construction is expected to take, once the requisite permits are received.

Transmission Capacity a Bottleneck for Renewable Energy
Considering that expanding transmission capacity is one of the stumbling blocks for the expansion of renewable energy, the fact that Anschutz is planning to build the power lines to bring his clean energy to market certainly makes sense. Pickens wants to do the same for his Texas wind farm. For large scale projects
such as this, factoring in adding your own transmission lines may become a more common practice.

via ::Clean Technica
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