166 MW Solar Power Plant Will Be China's Largest

solar panel photo
photo: Kevin Houle

Rack up another largest record in the solar power world: China Huaneng Group, China’s largest electricity producer, has announced that is has begun construction on what will be China’s largest solar power plant, a 166 MW project in Yunnan province. The cost for the project is expected to be 9.1 billion yuan ($1.3 billion), with the plant coming online in 2010.

What’s more, China Huaneng has also announced that it will building a windfarm in Yunnan Province:This project, done in partnership with Hong Kong Electric, will be 48 MW in size and cost 47 million yuan ($6.8 million). Together these projects will be part of China Huaneng’s efforts to increase its renewable energy portfolio to 10 GW by the end of 2010.

via: Bloomberg and Cleantechnica
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