120 MW of Solar Power to be Installed by New Jersey's Largest Utility

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New Jersey's largest utility PSE&G; has announced that, pending regulatory approval, it will be installing 120 MW of solar power in communities throughout its service area. The program is called Solar 4 All and will consist of four different parts amounting to a total investment of $773 million. PSE&G; will own and operate all of the systems, which will be built (primarily) by independent solar installers. Here's how the program breaks down:Local Government Solar: 40 Megawatts
Under this segment, PSE&G; will be soliciting towns in its service area to install solar power systems on the roofs of their public schools and municipal buildings. PSE&G; would own and operate the systems, with the towns getting a credit on their utility bill for the amount of electricity produced. Schools installing solar power will receive free educational materials on solar power. The investment in this segment would be $273 million.

Neighborhood Solar: 40 Megawatts
A $264 million investment, PSE&G; will contract with solar developers to install "solar power devices for nearly 200,000 utility poles and street lights" throughout PSE&G;'s service area.

Centralized Solar: 35 Megawatts
On property it already owns PSE&G; will be installing 25 megawatts of ground or roof-mounted solar systems. An additional 10 megawatts will be installed on brownfield, non-profit owned real estate and underdeveloped real estate (sites yet to be determined). The cost: $221 million.

Affordable Housing Solar: 2 Megawatts
PSE&G; will be spending $15 million to provide residents of New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency-financed, or other affordable housing communities, with solar power systems.

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Cleantech points out that this is the first major project to take advantage of new federal incentives that allow utility companies to reveive a 30% investment tax credit on the total project cost, something previously only applicable to commercial and residential customers.

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