120 kW 'Portable' Commercial Waste-to-Energy Generator Introduced by IST Energy

green energy machine photo

Though it’s just outlines in this image, the Green Energy Machine is fully enclosed in what looks like a standard shipping container. Image: IST Energy

If you’ve got a business that produces at least two tons of waste a day and have about three parking spaces to spare in your lot, then IST Energy has a product for you. The Green Energy Machine is a mobile and compact (relative terms...) waste-to-energy processing unit that can convert 95% of daily consumer wastes such as paper, plastic, food, wood and agricultural materials into electricity. Here are the stats:3 Tons Maximum Capacity = 120 kW Electricity
The GEM is designed to process a maximum of three tons of waste a day, with a rated capacity of 120 kW for electricity. To generate this electricity the GEM turns the waste feed into it into pellets which are then converted into synthetic gas and then electricity. The unit is 30 feet long, 8.5 feet deep and 8 feet tall.

IST touts that the GEM operates under negative pressure so no gases are emitted from the unit and that the electrical generator in the unit meets all current emissions standards. IST encourages customers to recycling as much as they can, but by diverting the remaining trash from landfills and converting it to energy, the GEM can avoid 540 tons of carbon emissions annually.

How much will the Green Energy Machine set your business back? The answer is $850,000. For those with less deep pockets or whose accountants would prefer it the GEM can be leased.

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