1.1 Megawatt Solar Array Installed on HP Printer Factory in San Diego

Though it won’t be competing for any world’s-largest records, the announcement by SunPower and HP that the latter’s printer manufacturing facility in San Diego will have a 1.1 MW solar array on its roof is one more example of the solar potential that just waits to be tapped on commercial buildings.

What’s more, HP has availed itself of the benefits of solar power without actually buying the solar power system itself; instead, the company has entered into a power purchase agreement with GE Financial Services, who actually owns the system.

Here are the rest of the project’s details:10% of Factory's Power Supplied By Solar
Using SunPower’s T10 Solar Roof Tiles, the system is estimated to offset more than one million pounds of carbon dioxide per year—an amount roughly equivalent to planting 150 trees annually. In total, about 200,000 square feet of roof space (distributed over five separate buildings) will be covered with the 180-190w tiles. The project is expected to provide about 10% of the facility’s power demand.

More from: SunPower.

photo: SunPower
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