1000 Megawatt (or Maybe Less...) Wind Power Project Planned for Inner Mongolia, China

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China, but not Inner Mongolia... Photo: Leo Kan

Massive new expansions in wind power seem to be waiting in the wings of the public stage. Search the TreeHugger wind power archives and you’ll find announcements for several 500-1000 MW projects, at least one in the 2000 MW range, and of course T. Boone Pickens planned 4000 MW project in Texas. These are all planned for Europe or the United States, but based on the latest announcement from China, it isn’t interested in just understudying the role of big-time wind farm developer.

Though there seems to be some ambiguity about the final size of China Power’s latest plans, if it ends up being at the top end of the range this will certainly be a milestone for China and for wind power in Asia in general. So this is the deal:

Several Smaller Wind Farms to Comprise Larger Wind Project
Greentech Media is reporting that China Power will be building 300-1000 MW of wind power at a 200 square kilometer site in Inner Mongolia. The project has been dubbed the Ontniute Wind Energy Power Plant and will consist of somewhere between six and twenty smaller wind farms of approximately 50 MW each. The project is expected to begin coming online in 2010 or 2011.

A Fraction of China's Potential
China’s Academy of Meteorological Services says that Inner Mongolia has the potential to generate 101 GW of wind power (slightly less than half of China’s total onshore potential). Last year China installed more than 2 GW of wind power capacity.

While the ambiguity about final size and the word play that allows a number of small wind farms to be considered one large project seemed odd to me at first, provided we don’t find out later that the land was acquired through dodgy means (or something like that), this is really a great leap forward for China’s wind industry. I suppose announcing a range of potential capacities and building up to those allows you to avoid having to make revisions to your announcement later if everything doesn’t go entirely as planned.

via :: Greentech Media
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