10 New Biodiesel Refineries to be Built in India by Bharat Renewable Energy

jatropha field photo

Nandan Biomatrix and Shapoorji & Co Ltd have partner with Bharat Petroleum to expand biodiesel refining in Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Nandan Biomatrix

Just last week Mission NewEnergy Ltd announced that it would be building India’s first biodiesel refinery in Orissa. Now, it has been announced that Bharat Renewable Energy (a joint venture between Bharat Petroleum Corp, Nandan Biomatrix, and Shapoorji & Co Ltd) will be investing Rs 2,131 crore ($428 million) in biodiesel projects in Uttar Pradesh:270 Million Gallons of Fuel by 2015
During initial phases of the project, development will be concentrated in five districts: Kanpur, Jhansi, Laltpur, Chitrakoot, and Sultanpur. These areas will see some 200 oil extraction units and 10 biodiesel refineries built. Initial production is expected to begin in the next three or fours years. By 2015 Bharat Renewable Energy hopes to produce 270 million gallons of biodiesel per year from these investments. Jatropha is the expected feedstock used to produce the fuel.

India’s current national biofuels policy stipulates that by 2017 all gasoline and diesel fuel must have a 20% biofuel content. All biofuels must also come from non-edible sources and grown on land unsuitable for food crop cultivation.

So, the race is on: Who will be India’s number one jatropha-based biodiesel refiner, Mission NewEnergy or Bharat Renewable Energy?

via: StockWatch and Biofuels Digest
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