Renault's Electric Zoé Breaks Record With 994.19 Miles in 24 Hours

Renault Zoe
©. Renault

© Renault

Fast-Charging Sure Rules!

Renault all-electric Zoé isn't even on the market - launch in France is scheduled for the fall of 2012 - but it's already a champion. It now holds the record for "the longest distance driven in 24 hours by an electric car". The record of 1600 kilometers (994.19 miles) was achieved under controlled conditions on a closed circuit, but still, that's very impressive for an EV with a nominal range per charge of 210 km (130 miles) under the NEDC cycle.

Renault Zoe

© RenaultThe trick is of course that the Zoe was fast-charged 9 times during the event. I don't think even the very best hypermilers in the world could have squeeze that many miles from a single charge... This shows how fast-charging can make longer trips with EVs practical. It won't be quite as convenient (yet) as refuelling a gasoline or diesel vehicle, as it still takes about half-an-hour, but if you take a break to stretch your legs and go eat a bagel, it's not that bad.

Via France Mobilité Électrique

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