Remodelers Encouraged to Get Their 'Eco-Cool' On

As spotted by TreeHugger, the Solid Waste Division of King County, Washington — the state’s most popular county and home to nationwide green building mecca, Seattle — has produced a nifty, interactive home remodeling tool designed to help homeowner create “healthy, comfortable spaces that can save you money, increase your home's value and help protect the environment.”

The Eco-Cool Remodel Tool (a bit cheesy, I know) is part of the Solid Waste Division’s comprehensive GreenTools website. There’s also an accompanying online video series, EcoCribz (ugh) that’s described as a “cross between MTV Cribs and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Unfortunate name choices aside, the Eco-Cool Remodel Tool is mucho useful and well-executed, allowing users to click on different areas — from the front porch to the crawlspace to the bedroom — of a virtual cutaway house and pick up various tips and tidbits pertaining to green remodeling. And, of course, most of the information isn’t just specific to King County residents. I’ve seen similar tools before but this one definitely stands out and deserves to be seen by folks outside of the Puget Sound region.

Head on over to the King County GreenTools website to learn more. Then, check out this stunning Lake Forest Park renovation in King County that took many of the green building/remodeling tips detailed in the Eco-Cool Remodel Tool to heart.

Via [TreeHugger]