Refugee Cat Faces Epic Journey to Reunite With Lost Family

It took four months, 2,000 miles and the help of countless volunteers for Kunkush to be reunited with his family. (Photo: By italay/Shutterstock)

This is an epic tale about the love between a cat and his family. Kunkush and his family were fleeing war-torn Iraq when they became separated. It took four months, 2,000 miles and the help of countless volunteers, but it's a great story to share.

The tale begins in Iraq in November 2015. Kunkush's family — a mother and her five children — left their home in Iraq for a safer life in Europe. Kunkush traveled with his family through Turkey before boarding a tiny rubber boat that would take them to Greece.

After landing on the Greek Isle of Lesbos, the understandably frightened cat bolted from his basket as soon as they hit land. His family spent hours searching for him, but they were eventually forced to continue on without him.

Three days later, Kunkush was spotted near a local cafe — dirty, matted and getting bullied by street cats. Locals remembered the refugee family that had recently lost their cat and called refugee volunteers. In the meantime, volunteers took Kunkush home, cleaned him up, nicknamed him Dias and started a Facebook page called Reunite Dias with the hopes of tracking down the cat's family.

And track down Kunkush's family they did. Four months later, Kunkush's humans were found in Norway. A video chat was set up to confirm the cat's identity, and his host family was amazed to see the kitty respond to his name and search all around the computer for the source of his family's voices.

Funds were quickly raised — thanks to a GoFundMe page — to purchase a plane ticket, and before long, Kunkush and his family were joyfully united in Norway, as you can see in the video below. (The happy woman on the left is part of the rescue team.)