Recycled Wooden Furniture

furniture patchwork photo
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Recycled furniture is a growing area for young designers because there are so many interesting ways of approaching it. This furniture (pictured) is made from bits and pieces of leftover wood and is clean and contemporary looking. Amy Hunting, a Norwegian designer working in London, creates her Patchwork series of furniture and lamp shades from waste wood and offcuts collected from factories in Denmark. The pieces are glued together to form a wood patchwork. Then they are made into a chair, book box and lamps, without the use of any screws or bolts. All the pieces are biodegradable and hand made.

The book box is very versatile. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other or hung on the wall. You can flip the box and use it on its side; the legs then become additional shelves. The lamps are made entirely out of wood and require no fitting. They can be hung on any bare lamp bulb through the top of the lamp.

nightwood new york furniture photo

Nightwood Furniture in Brooklyn New York takes a different approach, calling their collection "reincarnated furniture". They collect old furniture from the street and rubbish bins and deconstruct it, taking the pieces apart. Then they take the salvaged materials and reconstruct them into something that is "an original "reincarnation" of its former self". They use different finishes and colours to give it a rustic but modern look. Their work ranges from coffee tables to cabinets to headboards and chairs.