Recycled Water to Make Snow

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Strange as it might seem this is very topical story right now. ‘Coz right after writing this post, I’m heading off for a spot of backcountry skiing. In the southern hemisphere it’s winter and even in Australia that means snow. Both natural and man-made. Now you can argue the eco-merits (or decided lack thereof) in many ski resorts but we’re not going to worry that one here. Instead we bring you the cool story about Mt Hotham, who are in cahoots for the Victorian state government to implement a $8.4 million AUD project. Apparently it’s a bit of breakthough. "This is the first time in the world we're able to use treated, recycled water for snow-making" said the Environment Minister, John Thwaites. If all goes to plan, the scheme will provide 90% of the snow-making water, instead of the 110 million or so litres they currently pull from mountain streams. The recycled water will also be used to flush the resort toilets. Due to be ready for schussing on in 2008. Via ABC News Online. More at ::Mt Hotham