Recycled Glass Finds New Life in Italy

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Italian design firm Metamorphosi, a collaboration between "architects, deejays, musicians, decorators, garden planners, and botanists," uses only eco-friendly or recycled materials to create its whimsical interiors and exteriors laden with glass objects—such as wind chimes and curtains, each evoking its own unique sound—and mosaics. Fili (shown here) is a glass curtain created from sliced and melted sections of bottles. The company, based in Calcata, Italy only does commissioned designs—creating limited edition objects and collections for homes and public spaces.


Clients who sign on, the firm says, must be committed to promoting ecological materials and designs that will contribute to safeguarding the environment. The firm is lead by architect Ilaria Sadun, who volunteered for two years in Nicaragua on a project to aid local artisans and to develop opportunities for environment-friendly public recreation in outdoor areas. The firm's Web site sums it up: "The art of stylish recycling can be a great way to elegantly convey an important message to customers and to create a positive image for sellers." A portion of proceeds are donated to environmental preservation organizations. ::Metamorphosi