Artist's Massive Street Art Collages Are Made With Recycled Doors (Video)

©. Artwork by Strook/Photo by Ferdinand Feys via Flickr

Street art usually takes form with spray paint or posters pasted up with wheatpaste. But we've seen street artists use more innovative techniques: some use sand, while others will use recycled materials. Seen over at This Is Colossal, Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock, also known as Strook, recently used recycled doors to create massive wall art installations that have a graphic kick to them. Check out this video of how he does it:

Wood & Paint from Stefaan De Croock on Vimeo.

Leaving the original paint and textures on these doors, De Croock and his father, a woodworker, constructed these impressive large-scale collages, starting with De Croock translating his graphic art onto wood, and cutting them piece by piece and assembling the works like huge puzzles.

De Croock's distinctive abstract geometric style is first generated by the artist drawing lines, and filling the spaces in between with select colours to create a visual structure and a sense of narrative. A close-up look reveals all the dings and imperfections that have been preserved.

These coloured silhouettes look vibrant, and their abstraction makes them enigmatic. The fact that they are made of reused building materials allows them to become more easily integrated into the urban landscape. Giving a new purpose to old doors, these enormous urban artworks offer a visual counterpoint to the banality of these unadorned surfaces of the city, weaving a new kind of urban narrative. More over at Strook.